Who, What, Why?

Who:  My name is Michelle, I recently turned 30 and am a single mother of two wonderful children (ages nine and seven).

What: This Blog is about my journey to becoming a Foster Parent. One step further, it will document my life as a Single Foster Parent. It will cover my whole process, starting from the very beginning. You will hear about my application, the process and wait time, the training I have signed up for, the preparations needed and everything else in between. I will probably be throwing in every day stuff, including what we do for fun and our menu planning as well.

Why:  I want to document my journey and experiences for not only myself, but others who are going through the process or those thinking of going through the process! I will try to cover the whole process from the very beginning so you have all of the information I have. Of course, the information will vary across the Country,  so please keep in mind this is for the process I am experiencing in Ontario.

I look forward to sharing my journey and hearing from others who are in the process or have already become Foster Parents.


Let me know your thoughts...

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