It’s Only the Beginning


Choose to see the wish, the possibility, the positive; not the weed, the negativity.

I have just announced this week to friends and family that I am gathering information and applying to become a Foster Parent. I have family members that have been foster parents and I know couples through my Church as well who Foster who are very supportive and excited for me to start this journey. However, there are some people expressing not-so-positive thoughts. I expected this, but it still gets me down a bit.  I also expect this is just the beginning of negative comments.

So what do you say to someone that tells you it is a mistake to dive into the world of Fostering? Or when they say it is not something they would want for their family? Or, the best, when someone says because you’re single, you shouldn’t put so much stress on yourself?  Believe it or not, that is all from one person. How did I respond? I simply said this was something that has been in my heart for many years, and feels like the right time. Once I go through training and Home Studies, I may see it isn’t right for my family and at that time I would make an informed decision, but for now, I feel this is something I can not ignore and something I have been praying about. Also, being single has made me feel more empowered and determined, not the opposite! Then I changed the subject as I didn’t feel the need to elaborate any more than that.

I know there will always be a negative voice, I know there will always be judgement… but that comes with all big life decisions. Not everyone will understand your journey and that is okay! You will not be able to make everyone understand what is in your heart. Keeping patience and not focusing on the negativity will be something I will need to remind myself once I am an official Foster Parent and accepting children into my home who’s lives have been filled with negativity. Let me be a positive and try to spread it around!


Let me know your thoughts...

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