Celebrating Birthdays

Our Super Hero Party

I absolutely love planning birthday parties! I love celebrating and having a house full of kids with all of the energy and excitement! (although, once it is over I am exhausted!)  I love brainstorming ideas with the kids about their theme, the food they want there, the friends they want to invite, etc. etc. We usually plan birthdays over a couple months leading up to the party, picking up items we see at the Dollar Store, making invitations. This weekend my son had a birthday party and it got me thinking about how things will be when I have a foster child. Will I be able to throw them birthday parties like I do for my own children, or will there be the overhanging wonder about if the child will still be with me for their birthday, will I start to plan it with them but not be able to have it if they leave my home?  I know there are more important things to worry about and I will quickly learn all of those things, but I really hope that I am able to throw birthday parties for my foster children just like I do for my own.

What have your experiences been with birthdays and Foster children?

(The picture above is from our Super Hero themed party this weekend. My family name is Grover, so of course we had a Super Grover there!)


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