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I received a call from CAS regarding my Home Study appointments. In my initial information meeting it was mentioned these in-home meetings (3 or 4 of them) would be completed after my nine training classes were complete, however they called to see if I wanted to get them booked in now, or if preferred, I could wait until after I was done my training.

Of course I told her I was willing to get booked now. I can’t officially get them booked until the end of September since I have to be separated one year before they can book the Home Studies, but the wheels are in motion. I am hoping that means that the Home Study appointments will be complete by the time my training is. This means I could potentially be finished both my training and Home Studies before Christmas.

With my application I received some information regarding the home studies. The information below is taken directly from the Ontario SAFE Documentation Package given to me.


Cleanliness/Orderliness/Maintenance – strength is defined in that the home exterior and property are well kept, home interior is clean and comfortable, home reflects consistent care and attention.

Safety – strength is defined as no safety issues notes on agency’s safety checklist, applicants are safety conscious and knowledgeable about child safety.

Furnishings – strength is defined as home adequately furnished, clean, sturdy and functional furniture, functional and reliable appliances, adequate supply of house ware.

Play area/Equipment/Clothing – strength is defined as adequate proper clothing, toys and equipment are age appropriate and in good condition, adequate indoor and outdoor play area

Household pets – strength is defined as pets in the home is/are treated well by family members, family does a good job providing the accommodations, diet, grooming and veterinary needs of their pets, pet is trained and comfortable with children.

There is a four page checklist of items that are looked on the first Home visit. The main categories are:

  • Household Requirements
    • Basic items like the type of heat source, cords out of reach, items secured, etc.
  • Means of Communication
    • Telephone access and emergency number access
  • Fire Safety
    • Smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, etc.
  • Sleeping Arrangements
    • Crib compliance, each child has a clean bed, bedrooms have a window, etc.
  • Firearms
    • Storage, etc.
  • Medicines and Hazardous Substances
    • Storage, etc.
  • Specific Safety Precautions
    • Swimming pools, ponds, 2nd hand smoke
  • Pets
    • Up to date vaccinations, etc.
  • Automobile Safety
    • Driver’s License, car seats, etc.
  • Water Source
    • Type
  • Educational Undertaking
    • Here it lists items that you agree to educate the children on (farm safety, family animals, etc.)

I look forward to this next step and will keep you posted about my preparations for the appointments as well as the appointments themselves.

What was your home study process like? Either for Fostering or Adoption, I am interested in hearing your experiences!  I am sure it is different for everyone, and also differs depending on what area you are from. I’d love to hear your experiences and any advice/tips you may have!



2 thoughts on “Home Studies

  1. I have had three home studies done in the past three years because of changes in our family. Had to do one after i moved and one after our adoption was complete. I always stressed so much about it, but it was always cake! So my suggestion is to let your passion as to why you want to foster shine through! They want to see and hear that the most.

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