A Parent’s Name



That is what my children call me when I am not responding to “Mom” fast enough, or they are in a silly mood. I give them credit, calling me Unicorn gets my attention and we have a laugh, so it works.

How exactly does one get the name Unicorn you may ask? Well, one day I was exhausted and had heard “Mom” one too many times (it happens). I jokingly said I was going to change my name and then my son decided he would give me a new name, it became a game. He chose Unicorn, so we rolled with it.  He likes to name things. A stuffed bunny he sleeps with is named President Snoozefield, so I am kind of glad he chose Unicorn for me, it could have been much worse!

Whenever they call me Unicorn I wonder what my future foster children will call me. Mom, Michelle… Unicorn? I plan to foster school-aged children so I think I may leave it up to them to decide what to call me and decide what they are comfortable with.

What do your children call you?


3 thoughts on “A Parent’s Name

      • Yes! And in a row, with some tapping on my leg, while I am busy. (my 2 year old)☺You know, I honestly forget what my stepdaughters were like when they were that young. It took them a long time to even call me stepmom. But when they did, it felt like a weight had been lifted, that I was doing something right. I hope you have the same experience.


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