September – The Month of TO DO Lists

September is one of my favourite months. The kids go back to school, our town has it’s Fall Fair, the leaves start to change and the weather becomes colder (which means bring on the comfy cozy sweaters!). It is also the month I jump back into baking and soup making and usually get the itch to do some fix ups and organizing around the house.

This year, it is even more exciting with the start of my Foster Parent training (PRIDE training). I am still trying to work out babysitting for the nights I have to go into the city for training, but I still have a few weeks to work that out. I will be updating you each week about information from my training. Until then, I am focusing on my To Do Lists. Below is a sample of what’s on my To Do Lists for September.

To Do

Items on my “Food Related” list

  • Plan and make freezer snacks/meals – my goal is to make a few things and freeze to try it out. On my weekends when the kids are at their Dad’s I plan to make more to stock up.
  • Plan more for grocery shopping – I am bad at this right now – I just go to the store and pick up whatever I think we will need. Now that the kids are back to school I can see it getting worse… so I need to focus on planning my trips to the store to get ingredients for planned meals and snacks.
  • Get the kids involved in planning – I try to get the kids involved now, but usually get the good old response of “I don’t know” when I ask what suppers they want. I plan to encourage them more by picking up some cook books from the library so we can plan ahead by picking out meals we all want (or the kids get assigned a night… haven’t decided yet).
  • Reorganize my kitchen cupboards – I painted my cupboards this summer (which turned out great!) but I should have emptied them and reorganized as I did that.

A peek at my meal planner: (I do a lot electronically, if you are hand writing the meals, you would want bigger spaces)

Meal Planning (Four Week Planner) -

Some of the items on my “House / Home” list

  • Clean up the basement for a “hang out” spot for the kids – The kids like watching the show “Gaming Show (in my Parents’ Garage)” so now they want a cool hang out too. They want it in the basement though, not the garage. I started this weekend by vacuuming up all of the spiders. Yuck! Unfinished basements are not fun! I don’t have anything in the budget for this “makeover” so it should get interesting. I will be searching Kijiji for anything needed.
  • Redo the daily Checklists for the kids – the ones posted are getting shabby and outdated
  • Set up bunk beds – I purchased bunk beds for my daughters room off Kijiji… now I just have to figure out how to put them together. Good thing my Dad lives next door!
  • Finish trim around the house – When we repainted last year we planned to redo the trim so it was ripped off before painting… a year later and I have put most of it back, but it was pieced together as it was, so it doesn’t look good. I need to get nicer trim around the main floor.
  • Replace doors – Another item that was planned when we were repainting the house that just hasn’t been done. The doors aren’t in bad shape but are old plain brown ones. I would like nice white ones and also a new basement door if the kids are going to be going up and down a lot.

Items on my “Getting Ready to Foster” list

  • Smoke detector batteries – change all – this will be around the time change since that is when it is recommended. I also want to get a new CO detector, I am not a fan of the one we have now.
  • Find another bunk bed. I bought one for my daughter, but want to get one for my son as well so we are able to take in a boy or a girl.
  • Organize clothes in storage – I need to get the clothes my kids have outgrown organized into bins so it is easy to find the sizes needed for children coming into our home.
  • Review the Home Study SAFE Checklist myself to be sure everything is in order.

If there are any of the items above that you would like me to blog about as I do it, please let me know (maybe not the changing smoke detector batteries extravaganza though)…



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