Becoming a Healthier Me: Quick Update

Becoming a Healthier Me - Quick Update -

This week I am feeling motivated in my “Healthier Me” journey. I have started to eat better and be more conscience of my food choices. I didn’t start a “diet” but rather just looked at what I was eating and asked if it would help me or hurt me and really if I needed it at all (was I just bored?).

Here is a quick update on my “Areas of Improvement” I mentioned in an earlier post.

Becoming a Healthier Me - Eat Real Food -

So far I am getting better at cutting out junk food and eating more “real” food (less ingredients, more fruits, veg and made from scratch items). I continue to break old habits and look for better options.

Becoming a Healthier Me - meal prep -

I haven’t done much in the way of meal prep yet, but next weekend I am kid-free, so I will try to prep some healthy meals. I have been prepping snacks better by reorganizing my fridge (I added bins for healthy snacks to easily grab when needed) and baked oatmeal and banana muffins for easy breakfast on the go.

Becoming a Healthier Me - Get Active -

I have been going for walks with the kids and have chosen walking over driving a few times with the kids to get us active together. I haven’t gone for any runs yet since I have had the kids full time, so haven’t been able to get out (one downfall of being a single parent).  I am planning on doing BodyRock, but haven’t gotten back into that yet. Still trying to find my motivation to get back into exercising at home.

Becoming a Healthier Me - Drink More Water -

This is a hard one for me, but I have started to remind myself to drink water. I still need to improve on this. I have been drinking more tea as a substitute for coffee.

Becoming a Healthier Me - Think Positive -

This is a game-changer. Once I start to relax and think positive about myself and not think about the areas I hate or want to change, it is amazing how much easier it is to be active and eat better…working so far.  It helps me be a happier person in general.

I am not going to post a lot about my Healthier Me journey, but will update every once and a while. I am going to be diving more into my Foster Journey in a couple of weeks when my training has begun.



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