Home Study – Step One: Application Review

Home Study - Step One (mommameesh.wordpress.com)

I received a call from my assigned Home Study worker this week. We had a phone conversation about my application. The only thing we went into more detail about at this time was my financial report. Other items of my application will be looked at more when she visits my home. She mentioned she likes to go over the financial section with applicants before she comes to their home in case there is an issue and it stops the process (then it isn’t worth her to come out to people’s homes for the full study).

She received a copy of my Monthly Budget in my package so we went over it and then she asked some clarifying questions about emergency funds and ‘what if’ scenarios. For example, if I needed to get my roof redone, where would that money come from? Or if my car broke down, etc. For my credit card debt, what were the credit cards used for?

We discussed my plans for those scenarios and the basics of my Monthly Budget. All in all, she was happy with it and we can move on to the next step (yay!). I was nervous about the financial review because I am a single income family, but turns out I provided all the information needed and it looks good.

I was then advised once I have attended my first training session (this Tuesday coming up) she will email me tasks to be completed before the in home assessment and also set up a time to talk with my children. She wants to book the interview with my children on a PA Day (makes sense), so that will probably be done in November.

I will keep you posted. Next week I will post about my first training session and the tasks I need to complete before my in home assessment.



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