Homework (Becoming a Foster Parent – Training Session One)

Homework - Becoming a Foster Parent (mommameesh.wordpress.com)

I have completed one session of my training so far and with that, one piece of Homework as well. The first session was pretty relaxed and an overview of what is to come and then we watched a short film.  I go into more detail of Session One HERE.

My homework for Session One was a two page sheet which did not take long to complete. The first question took the longest:

“When I think about resource parenting, I hope these three things will happen for me and for my family:”

They have this question in large part because they want you and your partner (if you have one) to talk about what this will mean for you and your family. Being a single parent I answered it only for what I hope to happen for me and my children. If I had to go over this with a partner, it would have taken longer as there would have been more discussion about points and different points of view… so, let’s be honest.. I am glad it is just me doing the homework 😉

The rest of the Homework was circling one of the options below for each piece of information or statement shown in relation to the film we saw.

Options for Section 2 of homework:

  • Not at all what I expected
  • Some what as I expected
  • What I expected

Most of it was what I expected, but there were a couple items that were “some what” as I expected relating to emotions and actions, which I know we will be covering in later sessions. I won’t post the questions in length here, as they relate to the movie we saw but will post more about the resulting conversations, if any, that we have in class.

On to Session Two I go….



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