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Now that the end of my training is in sight (only 3 more sessions are left!) I am starting to think more about my In Home Assessments. The ball is rolling with the Home Study process and as I mentioned in a previous post, I have completed more paperwork and online training in preparation. Now, I need to focus on the things around my home. I was planning to start this back in September, but decided to focus on the training, homework and paperwork side of things before starting to organize my home for a child.

My plan is to work on this list over the next 2 months to be completely ready. PRIDE training will be complete December 1st, however I have Car Seat training session to attend as well. That is not until Saturday, January 9. My first choice was Tuesday, December 8, but the Saturday course is much easier for me to attend as that weekend my children are with their father. The Tuesday night course requires child care arrangements, which are more difficult to arrange on weeknights.

Over the next couple of months I will be preparing my house for the Home Assessments as well as preparing it for a child with items on hand so once the process is complete we are ready whenever a call comes in.

Here is my most current To Do List:

Home Study and Foster Child Preparations - to do list - mommameesh.wordpress.com

I’d love to hear about what other people did to prep for their home study and their possible children. Or just your experience in general of this process. Am I forgetting something?

This is the Checklist from Children’s Aid Society (Ontario) that was received as part of my Foster Application Package:

Application_Home safety checklist_pg1Application_Home safety checklist_pg2Application_Home safety checklist_pg3Application_Home safety checklist_pg4Application_Home safety checklist_pg5Application_Home safety checklist_pg6



2 thoughts on “Home Study Prep List

  1. Meesh…. Don’t forget the child safety items…. Your kitchen chemicals, if under the sink, have to have a child safety lock on the cabinet, I put a child safety tab on the drawer where I keep all my kitchen knives too. Don’t forget all of the outlet covers. Every outlet that is not used must have an outlet cover in it. Also, No extension cords are supposed to be used. If you need one, I suggest a surge protector strip instead. It can trip itself if overheated. Here in Texas, we are also required to have a Fire extinguisher near the kitchen. They have an expiration date so make sure your’s is current. I hung mine next to my fire escape plan which I posted in a pretty frame . If you want a picture…. just let me know. Don’t forget to practice your evacuation plan… that is one thing our fire Marshall asked us about specifically. Medicines need to be locked up too. Sounds like you’re off to a good start…. Good Luck!


    • Great points! I like the idea of putting the escape plan in a pretty frame. It isn’t a requirement here to be posted (just established and practiced), but I like the idea of having it posted.
      For cleaning chemicals they say to have them out of reach, so I have items on a higher shelf of my linen closet. Locked cabinets for medications though. Extension cords can be used here, but they have to be in “good repair.” We also require a fire extinguisher near the kitchen. It must be not less than 2.5lbs for Class B and C fires. I should have added that as an item to check the date. Good catch!
      I have a list of Home Study requirements under the “Foster Application Package” tab that shows items in more detail. On my To Do list it is items from there I have yet to do.
      Thank you for your input!


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