My Journey to Become a Foster Parent: Session Six (Continuing Family Relationships)

Becoming a Foster Parent - Training Session 6 - Continuing Family Relationships

I have now completed seven sessions. Sessions six and seven where done backwards just due to the flow of the course, so this is labelled as Session Six.

In this session we talked about Continuing Family Relationships. It focused on permanence and talked more about the adoption side of things. I am not in going into “Foster with a view to adopt” so some of the items discussed I didn’t take notes as they didn’t apply to me.

Since my wonderful, super cute puppy decided to use my training binder as a chew toy while I wasn’t home, I will include information I can still read in my notes that was not chewed up… should be fun asking for new sheets because my dog ate them. Apparently dogs do eat homework!

Items we discussed:

  • Importance of Permanent Connections
  • Understanding Culture
  • Key Child and Family Services Act Permanency Provisions
  • Legal Custody of Crown Wards
  • Key Components of Concurrent Planning
  • The two streams: Transitional Foster Home or Foster with a View to Adopt
  • Adoption is…
  • Openness in Adoption

We discussed a lot in this session and our trainers told us some of their stories (which I always enjoy!). One of the trainers is an adoptive father to two children, who both came through the foster-to-adopt route as babies and are half-siblings.

This session made me think about how I will help support permanence even though I am not a permanent parent for children coming into my home. I think it will be important for me to go over plans with my worker about this and will probably differ from child to child based on their Plan A and Plan B routes. For me, supporting the child and their family, including incorporating their culture into our home can help them feel connected to their family. I actually hope to care for children of other cultural backgrounds to teach my children about other cultures.

This week’s write up is a bit short… next session I will be sure to put my notes on a higher shelf to avoid another half eaten summary!



One thought on “My Journey to Become a Foster Parent: Session Six (Continuing Family Relationships)

  1. My daughters are adopted through foster care. We weren’t willing to do an open adoption with their bio parents unless they were sober, stayed out of jail, etc. It has only been the past couple months that I’ve been in touch with their bio mom, who is doing really well. Yay!

    If you like stories, you may like my blog. I’m telling the story one post at a time. 🙂

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