Becoming a Foster Parent – My Journey Timeline so far…

Steps to becoming a Foster Parent in Ontario Canada - mommameesh wordpress com

I wanted to provide a little summary of the steps I have completed to date in my journey to becoming a foster parent.

I have one last session left of my PRIDE training that is a pot luck dinner and Panel Night to meet Foster/Adoptive Parents and Children who have gone through the Foster system. I have completed all of the book training sessions now. You can see more about my training by clicking HERE. You can also review more about the Application Package that is mentioned in the picture above, HERE.

In addition to the above list, there will be more Home Assessments scheduled at a later time (I am told there are 3 or 4 visits). Once I have more information about the process after the first visit, I will post about it.

Once the Home Assessments are completed I will be ready to receive calls about prospective placements.

My first Home Assessment visit is not until January, as the time over Christmas will be busy for us and the next PA Day for my children is January 15.








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