My Journey to Become a Foster Parent – Training Session Nine: Panel Night

Adventures Are the Best Way to Learn_Foster Parenting Blog_Quote

I have now completed my training sessions in order to become a Foster Parent.

The quote above reflects my reaction from last night’s panel discussions with groups of people who have either been a Foster Parent, Adopted a child, or been the ones in the Foster Care system or been Adopted themselves. There are so many different scenarios and things people have gone through, this journey is not the same for any two people going through it. What I took from last night’s session is to look at every child differently and use your supports available (their worker, your assigned worker, groups at the Children’s Aid Society, further learning courses, etc.) and be open to a wide range of scenarios and people who will come in your life.

It was great to hear from the children who had been in Foster Care. I asked questions mainly about how it will affect my bio-children and how to make Foster children feel at home in the strange new place. The girls on the panel who answered my questions were now 20 and 21 years old and had been placed in a Foster home when they were 8 and 9 (sibling set). They mentioned it was great having another child in the house where they went because they felt more comfortable asking them for things or where things were. They also said having a pet in the home was great because they liked to talk to the dog rather than the parents at first, until they were able to trust the Foster parents.

There were some great items discussed and it was nice hearing from actual experiences rather than book learning.

With the completion of my training sessions I am now at the point of scheduling my Home Study assessments. Here they will go through my Home to be sure it is safe and can accommodate children I am inviting into my home and they will also go over in more detail with me the children I am able to accept into my home (limitations, preferences, etc.).

Right now I am debating on moving before starting the next phase. Currently my children and I are in the home that my ex-husband and I shared. I had planned on staying at this home since it is the only house the children have known, but I think I am in need of a fresh start…. so we may sell this home and move before starting the Home Study phase.

On to new adventures!




4 thoughts on “My Journey to Become a Foster Parent – Training Session Nine: Panel Night

  1. I wish we’d had a panel in our training classes to get different perspectives. We did have a couple come in and share their story but it was so different from our own that, quite honestly, it didn’t give us any useful information.

    You said: “There were some great items discussed and it was nice hearing from actual experiences rather than book learning.” I agree! When I was going through the process, pre and post placement, I found tons of how-to books but nothing in the way of personal experiences. That is why I decided to blog my story. I think you would enjoy it and I would love input from another going through the process.

    You have a great attitude and those kiddos are going to be so luck to have you as a foster mom!


    • Thank you!
      Our trainers also shared their personal experiences throughout the training (usually the trainers were one Foster parent and one CAS worker), so that was beneficial as well. You learn so much by hearing actual stories and how people responded rather than the “textbook” response.

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      • Our trainer was never a foster parent. In fact, she wasn’t a parent, period. For numerous reasons, we weren’t satisfied with this agency. But I am glad you are having a good experience!

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  2. My trainer wasnt a foster parent either but I worked as a foster care case manager for a couple years before fostering so i thought i knew it all… boy was i wrong. Experience is the best way to learn in my opinion!

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