My First Home Study is Booked!

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I have my first home study booked for January 15! It is only ten days away and I feel like I have SO MUCH to get done in that time!

Over the next week I will post about my Home Study Prep. I will be using the Home Safety Checklist I received with my application package to help prepare me. You can find a copy of my entire application package, including the Home Safety Checklist, HERE. There will be 3 or 4 Home Study Assessments before I am officially approved as a Foster Parent and I will walk you through each one I complete.

I had previously posted a Prep List that I had made, but I have since made it more complete and have included all items from the Home Safety Checklist, even if they are already done or not applicable so you can see everything required. I will be posting the full list later this week.

I had been thinking of holding off on the Home Study Assessments since I wasn’t sure if we would be moving this year or not (the joys of finalizing a divorce). Right now, there isn’t a plan to put the house up for sale (or at least not in the immediate future), so I am moving ahead with the home studies. If we end up putting the house up for sale later in the year, I will have to go through new home studies for the new house, but until then, I will just worry on getting this house ready!

For any of you who have gone through the Home Studies, do you have tips for things that you did or didn’t do for your assessments?




7 thoughts on “My First Home Study is Booked!

  1. Just to let you know if you move they usually just do an update to your home study which would include coming to your home once to check out the house to see if it meets the qualifications… at least that is how it was for me here in Arkansas. Super easy and super quick! Good luck on your journey!


    • Thanks for the info! I think that part will be similar in my area.
      I am sure once I have been through the full home study, when I move I won’t be so stressed out and will know exactly what to expect (and it won’t be as thorough since the first assessment includes more about what children I can accept into my care, etc. etc.).


  2. Hi Momma Meesh. We made sure to talk with our kids about bedroom arrangements before our Home Study and answered questions they might have. That way, no surprises for your kids or you when the social worker starts asking questions.

    The social worker will ask lots of questions about your significant relationships, so be prepared to talk about your divorce. While unpleasant, we’ve found that social workers generally realize that sometimes family relationships work out and sometimes not.


    • Great point about talking with the children about the bedroom arrangements!
      I expect questions about my divorce, but not sure how in depth the questions will be. It wasn’t nasty, so I am not worried about discussing it, just would rather not discuss it in front of the children.


  3. I’m glad I found your blog. My family is getting ready to through this in about a month. We’re a little nervous because we’re not sure what to expect. I will reading your posts regularly to see what you’re experiencing. Good luck tomorrow on your first home assessment!


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