Home Study – Full Home Safety Checklist

Home Study Preparation Home Safety Checklist - becoming a foster adoptive parent

I have revamped my checklist to go through over the next week while I get my home ready for the first assessment. This checklist is for the first Home Study Assessment.  It has all of the items that are on the list given to me in my application package as well as some added items on the bottom that I plan to do before the Home Study (the original document received from CAS can be found at this link.

The PDF of the document I created can be found here:  Home Study Checklist

Here is a preview of the above link:Home safety checklist to prep for first home study - foster adoption process (mommameesh wordpress com)

Home Study Checklist

Over the next week as I prepare for my visit I will post more information about the items I have to complete as part of the Home Study Assessment. I have the checklist to review as well as a group of documents regarding Policies and Procedures which are reviewed at the assessment visit. We also go over all of my homework items from my nine training sessions. You can read more about my training sessions here.



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