Quick Update

I still have a few more weeks before my next appointment with my Home Study worker, so I am trying to patiently wait and also complete the items on the list I previously posted. Those items don’t have to be complete until my third visit, but I plan to get them complete for the next one to be sure I am on track.

Last weekend the group that I had PRIDE training with met up for supper at a restaurant in the city. I wasn’t able to go, but I got an update from one of the girls I have kept in contact with. There are a few couples in that group that are complete with their Home Study and interviews and are waiting for the official approval! That is very exciting! They have been advised this could take 2 months though. So, more waiting ahead!

My worker had let me know that the waiting period to be approved differs based on the agency’s current need. If they need more foster parents for school aged, you will be approved quicker than those looking to adopt an infant for example. My worker also let me know that based on the fact I am looking to foster school aged, I should be approved in a shorter amount of time than some of the others who are looking to adopt. There is a long waiting list for adopting, it is fostering that they need at this time.

Once I complete my next interview at the Home Study appointment #2 (March 2, 2016), I will post all about it. Until then, I may post about some of the little things I am doing to prepare including making packages for the children who will be placed with me. I also did a short course about Lifebooks and will share that information as well.