Placement Calls – Questions to Ask

Foster Care Placement Call Question List - Becoming a Foster Parent blog

I am currently brainstorming questions for when I receive my first placement calls. I would love input from people who have gone through the blur and excitement of the first calls.

My Home Study worker suggested I create a list of questions to keep with me for when I receive a call. I am drafting it right now and plan to have her review it at my final home study appointment coming up next week.

Have a look at the PDF (Foster Care Placement Call Questions (PDF)) and let me know your thoughts. Is there information missing or are there too many questions for the first call?

I should add these questions are for school aged children, age range of 4 to 7. I don’t have baby-related or teen-related questions.

Edited to add:  A Commenter gave some great question ideas which can also be found here: No Bohns About It

I am sure there are lots of lists similar to this one out there. If you would like me to add your list, please let me know and I will add it to this post 🙂 





11 thoughts on “Placement Calls – Questions to Ask

  1. This probably looks awful in the comments so if you need a cleaner copy, let me know. I took all these questions from multiple sites and compiled to what fit for my husband and I. I’ve had one discussion so far and they helped a ton!

    Child’s Name:
    When would the child need to be placed in my home:
    Has kinship been considered or ruled out?
    Reason for being placed in foster care:
    Is this their first placement? Yes No
    If moving from another foster home, what is the reason?

    What was the living situation before entering foster care and/or in the child’s previous foster home?

    How many moves has the child had?

    Where are the biological parents living?

    What contact will be allowed with the parents?

    Does the child have siblings? Yes No
    Names of siblings: Where they are living:

    What is the visitation plan with siblings and parents?

    What services are involved with this child and family?

    What will be my role in these services?

    Will I be expected to provide transportation? Yes No
    If so, where to and how often?

    What is the child’s legal status?

    Is this a concurrent placement (is our home being considered as a possible adoptive resource
    for this child)? Yes No

    Is the child aware of this? How do they feel about it?

    How long do you anticipate the child will be with us?

    Does the child have any medical concerns?

    Does the child have any allergies?

    Is the child on medication? Yes No
    If so, what medication and what was it prescribed for?

    Does the child see a mental health professional? Yes No
    If so, who and how often?

    What are the child’s strengths, interests and activities?

    Does the child have behavioral issues or other special needs?

    Does the child do any of the following?
    swear hit bite kick run away
    soil pants wet bed set fires sexually act out use drugs
    destroy property fight behave suicidally instigate trouble

    Is the child sexually active? Yes No
    Are they are on birth control? Yes No
    Are they pregnant? Yes No
    Has the child been sexually abused by a parent, caregiver or other person? Yes No
    If yes, please give further information:

    Has the child made an allegation of abuse against a previous caregiver? Yes No

    Has the child’s parents made an allegation of abuse against a previous caregiver? Yes No

    Where does the child attend school?

    What grade?

    Are there any school issues?

    Does the child have a religious preference?

    Are there any special things such as diet/clothing/etc that should be considered because of the child’s religion?

    What are your expectations of us as foster parents in caring for this child?

    Is there anything else I need to know in order to make an informed decision about whether we
    can parent this child?

    Time of Placement:
    Gathering as much of the above information as possible will help you decide if you should accept a particular placement. It’s important to remember that you have the right to say no to any placement that you do not feel is a good fit for your family and the children you are currently parenting, if it’s a child who has behaviors you feel unable to cope with, or if it’s just not a good time for you to add another child to your family. If you do agree to the placement, you will also want to obtain the following information at the time of placement or as soon thereafter as it is available.

    Child’s Full Name:

    Date of birth:

    Child’s Case Worker:

    Case Worker’s phone:

    Case Worker’s E-mail:

    Who should I contact in case of an emergency?

    On-call number?

    Who is the Case Worker’s supervisor?


    Is there anyone the child should not have contact with?

    Does the child need clothing? Yes No
    If yes, what size?

    Does the child have a medical card?

    Who is the child’s doctor?
    Last exam?
    Who is the child’s dentist?

    Last exam?
    Does the child have any upcoming medical/dental/therapy appointments?

    Who is the child’s guardian ad-litem / attorney?

    When is the next court hearing?

    If the child will be changing schools, who is responsible for enrolling the child?

    What is the child’s understanding of why he/she is in foster care?

    Do you have any suggestions to help the child make a successful transition to our home?

    Is there any other information I need to know about this child?


  2. I am so glad that you found some of the questions in my post ( helpful! One of my readers sent me the link to your post today and it really did make me happy. I put the information out there to help inform others, so I am glad it was informational for you! You might not have known where the questions came from since they were left in a comment on this post rather than as a link. Now that you know, I’d love it if you would please link back to my post and let your future readers know that that is where some of the questions on your list came from. Great blog by the way! It’s a pleasure to “meet” you through it 🙂


  3. This list is awesome. A bit extensive but take it from me you definitely should know what you are getting into before a child enters your home. I would recommend making a condense version if you are an emergency placement home. Those calls can be very late at night and the caseworkers normally do not know a great deal about the child prior to the removal.


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