Waiting on Approval… Continued

Waiting on Approval - Foster Adoption Process - Momma Meesh Blog

My two week wait turned into a two month wait… and is now looking closer to a two year wait by the time I will get my first placement.

I talked to my Home Study worker today as I wanted more information about future adoption (I plan to Foster first, but my five year plan includes being open to adoption). She informed me she has not started my write up yet about my Home Study for her Supervisor to approve. She is going on vacation for two weeks and said she will not be starting my write up until mid to late September. Due to vacations in her department, and kinship and child specific Home Studies she has had to complete, she had to push back my write up.

My heart broke.

Mid to late September?? That is four months after my final Home Study appointment!

I am blessed to have two bio children who I can focus on while I wait, so I will focus on that. My heart breaks for the others who are also waiting along me for such a long time who are waiting for their first child to come home!

New timeline:

  • Mid to Late September – Home Study Worker prepares Home Study Report
    • She will send the report to me to review and comment/mark up
    • Once I approve her write up (to be sure everything is correct) she sends it to her Supervisor to review
    • Depending on her Supervisor’s workload it could take days to weeks to receive final approval (although my worker has stated it is usually pretty quick…)
  • Mid to Late October – Final Approval Received (hopefully)
  • Within 7 Days of Approval a Social Worker will be assigned to me (end of October?)
  • Within 30 days, my Social Worker must set up a meeting with me (could bring me to late November?)
  • December?… open to placement calls.

Based on the new information I think it is more likely that I will be waiting until January for my first placement calls, but am praying things run smoother come Fall when there are less people on vacation.



4 thoughts on “Waiting on Approval… Continued

  1. This can be so frustrating. I was told 4-6 months which turned into 9 months! At the end, I threatened to get licensed through a different agency and that was what finally got them moving. Don’t lose hope, there are too many childRen needing a good home. If it’s anything like my experience, I got a call that my license was open then (the same day) a call that I had a potential placement.

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  2. Totally understand your frustration. We are on month 8 of our licensure process and hopefully we will be approved by mid to late September. Sounds like your social worker is over worked. Our first one left and no one even told us. We had to call to demand to speak to her supervisor because we hadn’t heard anything in week. Keep your head up. It will happen even though not in the timeline we necessarily would prefer.

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  3. I don’t know what the system is like elsewhere in Canada, but Ontario’s needs to be reformed. Everything takes so much longer than it ought it. Love the step by step coverage of your pursuit.


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