Foster Application Package

When I was looking into applying to be a Foster Parent I was curious about the application process and the forms I would be filling out. Below I have included pictures of most of the package so you can see the forms I looked over and submitted before being registered for training classes.

Application Package

My Application Package

Application Package Checklist

The first part of the application package is a checklist. I received a stack of pages, most double-sided, to review and fill out. The checklist shows you the items in the package and what needs to be submitted and what you need to hold on to for either reference, or to hand in at a later time.

Application Package Checklist

Application Package Checklist (the 2’s are changed to 1’s because I am a single applicant)

Resource Family Applicant Information

This was a sheet attached to the Checklist. It had Common Questions and what we went over first in my initial meeting with the Children’s Aid Society. In future posts I plan to dive more into the “FAQ” of the application process. For now, this is the list of questions answered in the package:

What is Foster Care?

How long does a foster child stay with us?

Are there different types of foster care?

What is adoption?

What is Fostering with a View to Adopt?

Do you have infants available for Adoption?

Can I apply to adopt is I am involved in fertility treatments?

Do all children in the CAS system have problems?

What are the qualifications to be a Resource parent?

How long does it take to become a Resource parent?

What is the process to become a Resource parent?

Why do we need special training?

Can I attend training even if I’m not sure I want to foster/adopt?

How long will it be before a child is placed in my home?

Do I have to demonstrate financial stability to foster or adopt?

What are the financial aspects of being a foster parent?

What are the financial aspects of being an adoptive parent?

What kinds of issues might prevent me from being approved?

Overview of PRIDE Pre-service Sessions

This included a chart of the upcoming training sessions. I was required to pick the Group that I wanted to sign up for. I chose the Tuesday evening sessions since I work full time. My “Group” runs from September 29-December 1.

It also included a brief description of the sessions I will be attending. I will be posting about each of my sessions as I complete them. Below are the session titles as a preview:

Session One: Connecting with PRIDE

Session Two: Teamwork Towards Permanence

Session Three: Meeting Developmental Needs: Attachment

Session Four: Meeting Developmental Needs: Loss

Session Five: Strengthening Family Relationships

Session Six: Continuing Family Relationships

Session Seven: Meeting Developmental Needs: Discipline

Session Eight: Planning for Change

Session Nine: Making an Informed Decision – Panel Night

Registration for PRIDE Training

This was a simple form with my name, and first and second choice for classes.

Hypothetical Adoption Scenarios

Right now I am not looking to adopt, so I did not receive this sheet.

Adoption/FosterCare/Kin/Customary Care Application Form

This was a pretty basic form with my information, my children’s names and ages and some general questions.

Questions on this form:

  • Have you ever been involved with a Children’s Aid Society? If yes, please provide details.
  • Have the police ever attended your home for any reason? Please explain.
  • Has anyone in your home ever been arrested or charged? Please explain,
  • Are you interested in fostering, adopting, or both?
  • Desired Child and Age Range (Age and Gender)

Child Desired Form

This form was not handed in with the first submission. This is something that will be reviewed at the Homestudy stage and for now, was only for my information.

Items to be filled in:

  • Preferred age, sex, race and ethnic origin
  • Could you care for a child with the following:
    • physical handicap (blindness, deafness…)
    • health problems (asthma, allergies, diabetes…)
    • correctable medical problems (hearing loss, vision problems…)
    • hereditary/genetic health factors in the family background (heart disease, diabetes, epilepsy…)
    • emotional problems (insecurity, poor self image, constant crying, screaming)
  • Checklist of Yes or No questions:
    • 23 questions about if you would accept certain situations. A few examples:
      • limited information or unknown parental background
      • slow development
      • multiple questions about different behaviours
      • questions about types of abuse
      • physical scarring

Safe Compatibility Inventory

This is for Adoption and Foster with the View of Adoption applicants only. I did not receive this as I am not looking to adopt at this time.

Homestudy: Requirements for References

This was a form to provide three references. One relative (immediate family), one long time friend and one current friend.


Acknowledgement & Authorization to Send Documents by Email or Fax

This was a simple “sign here” form.

Confidentiality Agreement

This was also a simple “sign here” form.

Homestudy: Financial Information

For the Financial Information section they want to see you have more money coming in then going out. You list your income and expenses. If you already follow a monthly budget it is pretty quick to fill out. You also list your assets and total debt. Insurance is also listed on this form.

Financial Information - Page 1

Application_Financial Information_pg2

Home Safety Checklist

This is given as a reference for the first Homestudy appointment. This shows the items they will review at that first visit. I love that they hand this out – now I can prepare!

Application_Home safety checklist_pg1

Application_Home safety checklist_pg2

Application_Home safety checklist_pg3

Application_Home safety checklist_pg4

Application_Home safety checklist_pg5

Application_Home safety checklist_pg6

Information about Police Clearance

As the title suggests, this talks about your Police Clearance you need to obtain. It is not handed in with the first application package. It is submitted later in the process.

Police Clearance Information

SAFE Questionnaire 1

This is a 11 page Questionnaire. It is easy enough, but it takes a while. You go through and check off everything that applies.  I won’t post it here as I don’t have a blank copy and it is pretty long but here is a sample:

  • Question 1: Check the boxes that best characterize your childhood relationship with your mother: it then lists 28 different words
  • Question 56: Have you or any of the family members listed below had any of the following condition? Indiscate which family member by using the following code, place the appropriate number in front of the condition. 1 = Self 2 = Parent(s) 3 = Siblings 4 = Children 5 = Spouse/Partner. It then lists 31 conditions.

Child Welfare Agency Record Check Consent to Release Information

This is a simple form with your children’s information and areas you have lived so they can search the Children’s Aid Society records.


This is another form to be completed later in the process. It expires within one year, so you do it later in the process once you are sure you are going ahead and will complete everything within a year.

You have to go to your Doctor or Nurse Practitioner and have them fill it out and sign it.

Medical Report - Page 1

Application_Medical Report pg2

Application_Medical Report pg3

Application_Medical Report pg4

Application_Medical Report pg5

Application_Medical Report pg6

Application_Medical Report pg7

That is the basic package. Once I begin training I will be posting more information relating to information in this package.


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