Waiting on Approval… Continued

Waiting on Approval - Foster Adoption Process - Momma Meesh Blog

My two week wait turned into a two month wait… and is now looking closer to a two year wait by the time I will get my first placement.

I talked to my Home Study worker today as I wanted more information about future adoption (I plan to Foster first, but my five year plan includes being open to adoption). She informed me she has not started my write up yet about my Home Study for her Supervisor to approve. She is going on vacation for two weeks and said she will not be starting my write up until mid to late September. Due to vacations in her department, and kinship and child specific Home Studies she has had to complete, she had to push back my write up.

My heart broke.

Mid to late September?? That is four months after my final Home Study appointment!

I am blessed to have two bio children who I can focus on while I wait, so I will focus on that. My heart breaks for the others who are also waiting along me for such a long time who are waiting for their first child to come home!

New timeline:

  • Mid to Late September – Home Study Worker prepares Home Study Report
    • She will send the report to me to review and comment/mark up
    • Once I approve her write up (to be sure everything is correct) she sends it to her Supervisor to review
    • Depending on her Supervisor’s workload it could take days to weeks to receive final approval (although my worker has stated it is usually pretty quick…)
  • Mid to Late October – Final Approval Received (hopefully)
  • Within 7 Days of Approval a Social Worker will be assigned to me (end of October?)
  • Within 30 days, my Social Worker must set up a meeting with me (could bring me to late November?)
  • December?… open to placement calls.

Based on the new information I think it is more likely that I will be waiting until January for my first placement calls, but am praying things run smoother come Fall when there are less people on vacation.


Quick Update

I still have a few more weeks before my next appointment with my Home Study worker, so I am trying to patiently wait and also complete the items on the list I previously posted. Those items don’t have to be complete until my third visit, but I plan to get them complete for the next one to be sure I am on track.

Last weekend the group that I had PRIDE training with met up for supper at a restaurant in the city. I wasn’t able to go, but I got an update from one of the girls I have kept in contact with. There are a few couples in that group that are complete with their Home Study and interviews and are waiting for the official approval! That is very exciting! They have been advised this could take 2 months though. So, more waiting ahead!

My worker had let me know that the waiting period to be approved differs based on the agency’s current need. If they need more foster parents for school aged, you will be approved quicker than those looking to adopt an infant for example. My worker also let me know that based on the fact I am looking to foster school aged, I should be approved in a shorter amount of time than some of the others who are looking to adopt. There is a long waiting list for adopting, it is fostering that they need at this time.

Once I complete my next interview at the Home Study appointment #2 (March 2, 2016), I will post all about it. Until then, I may post about some of the little things I am doing to prepare including making packages for the children who will be placed with me. I also did a short course about Lifebooks and will share that information as well.




Becoming a Foster Parent – My Journey Timeline so far…

Steps to becoming a Foster Parent in Ontario Canada - mommameesh wordpress com

I wanted to provide a little summary of the steps I have completed to date in my journey to becoming a foster parent.

I have one last session left of my PRIDE training that is a pot luck dinner and Panel Night to meet Foster/Adoptive Parents and Children who have gone through the Foster system. I have completed all of the book training sessions now. You can see more about my training by clicking HERE. You can also review more about the Application Package that is mentioned in the picture above, HERE.

In addition to the above list, there will be more Home Assessments scheduled at a later time (I am told there are 3 or 4 visits). Once I have more information about the process after the first visit, I will post about it.

Once the Home Assessments are completed I will be ready to receive calls about prospective placements.

My first Home Assessment visit is not until January, as the time over Christmas will be busy for us and the next PA Day for my children is January 15.







First Steps: Talking to my Children About Foster Care

let your faith be bigger

I have talked to my children a few times about the possibility of us becoming a Foster family. I have only grazed the surface so far as to what that means for us and have just introduced what Foster Parenting is in general. Their reaction was about what I expected, excitement and the idea that is it like having a long sleep over and making a new friend.

I am going to be introducing more aspects of it as I go through my training and learn more myself. I don’t want them to have false hopes and misunderstandings going into it, making it harder on everyone. I believe they are old enough that I can have deeper conversations with them about what to expect (they are 7 and 9 years old).

Some of the items I plan to discuss are:

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Our First Family Camping Trip

First family camping trip

When I was young we didn’t go camping, it just wasn’t something we did. I never felt like I missed out on it, but wanted to try it one day with my kids to see what all the fuss was about.

My kids LOVED it. We only booked two nights at a local Ontario Park to try it out and ended up leaving the second evening due to a thunder storm rolling in, but the kids can’t wait to do it again! They are already planning next year’s trip – which they wanted to be for the whole summer. (sorry kids, Momma has to work so she can afford these little trips!)

Can’t help but imagine how I could have one, maybe two more kids with us next year!

Here are some things I have learned from our first camping trip that I will bring forward to next year’s trip:

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My Training is Booked!


I am so excited, I have to share right away! I just received confirmation that they have booked me in for my P.R.I.D.E  (Parent Resources for Information, Development and Education) Training! My classes start September 29th.

I am one step closer… once I complete the 9 training classes I will have 3 or 4 Home Study appointments.

I’m on the path to becoming a Foster Parent and I am so excited!

Why Take the Step?


I don’t remember when I first thought about becoming a Foster Parent. I think it was probably about four years ago now. I didn’t have an “ah-ha” moment or have the thought of “this is something I have to do” that some people get. For me, it was the feeling like something was missing – or someone. I always saw myself with three children and after having two I knew I wanted at least one more.

When I started looking into my options with foster care I did not have a lot of knowledge of the Foster Care system. Some of my relatives have been foster parents and my parents looked into it when I was little (they went to a few meetings but decided it wasn’t a fit for our family at the time), so I wasn’t new to the idea of Foster Parenting. I did some research online and read some stories of children that had gone through foster care and I wanted to look more into it. My husband (who I am no longer with) was not on board so it stopped there. I did not push the idea as he was sure from the first time I mentioned it that it wasn’t something he wanted to get involved in. Fast forward to now and I am able to look into it again on my own.

So why now?

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